Granite Gardens

Jeane Wolfe

   Whether for your garden, entry, lobby or "tranquility setting," I can design a sculptural application that is harmonious with your environment. Each stone is carefully selected and my client's input is respectfully considered.

   My unique functional designs will offer you a lifetime of pleasure and use with relatively no maintenance. In fact they age beautifully and will be enjoyed wherever they are placed.

   I create sculpture that inspires you to look past the surface and beyond into a world in which symbolism is the common language.

   My marble sculpture incorporates the movement of natural light to reveal its true form; my granite sculpture relies on shadows and texture.

   Even though granite is incredibly hard and resistant to change; a subtle elasticity transpires, allowing me to shape the stone, albeit slowly. At some point during this process I make a connection to the mineral world that dazzles, captivates, and energizes me to complete the work.

   I am honored to bear witness to this gem-like mineral that transcends time and fires my imagination. I hope you will also experience these subtle pleasures from my original works of art.

   Completed sculptures, available for sale, are showcased in the gallery section of my website.

1996, 1997 Women's Work Project Montpelier, Vermont
1998 Mysteries in Stone Montpelier, Vermont
2001, 2002, 2005, 2007 Studio Place Arts Barre, Vermont
2003, 2004 Adamant Music School Adamant, Vermont
2005 West Branch Gallery Stowe, Vermont
2005 Parker House Gallery Peacham, Vermont
2007 The Stone Show North Brookfield, Mass.
Private Collections
Douglas DeMarco Massapequa, New York
Gisela Wolfe- Seligman Georgia, Vermont
Frank Shumer, Adamant Music School Adamant, Vermont
Richard McKenzie, Seven Bridges Foundation Greenwich, Conn.
Robert and Sandy Holland Atlanta, Georgia
Lucy Rogers Chelsea, Vermont
Carl White Brookfield, Mass.